Ali Hamed Haghdoust



I was born in 1981 in Iran, Tabriz. I have started photography in ‎‎1999 in a studio and decided to choose the art of photography with my mother’s incentive encouragements in fact the sense of creation in art has always fascinated human being to itself. My enthusiast in photography leads me to try different fields of ‎photography such as nature, architecture and documentary photography and later I had ‎chosen documentary photography as my main major of photography. I love to ‎communicate with people and get familiar with their traditions and ceremonies. I love photography because it can make me perpetual and permanent. Via photography I learned not to simply ignore even the trivial events. When I consider the photos of well-known photographers Henri Cartier Bresson, Sebastiyao Salgado, Steve Mccurry, James Nachtwey, Abbas Attar, Reza Deghati and other outstanding artists. I can make relationship with their subjects.


I also love photography because it brings me about trips and a lot of experience. During Qajar dynasty simultaneously with Tehran, my hometown, Tabriz was the birthplace of photography in Iran and it has some outstanding photographers in the photography history. Photography in Tabriz is sentimental and some of Tabrizian photographer's works are different from other Iranian ones.


During these years I have produced images of humanitarian issues that have made headlines in Iran and the Middle East. I have dedicated to documenting Iranian life to produce an unflinching record of their life. My images, which focus on raising awareness of human rights, have been published in the v several foreign and Iranian newspapers and news agencies. I have also documented Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.





2022: Award of Excellence in "Covid Expressions" category of POY ASIA 2022 Awards "Pictures of the year Asia 2022".


2018: 3rd prize of photo story section in the 2nd national Film and Photography festival of the Railway, Tehran – Iran.


2017: Selected as the best documentary photographer of the year in Mehr News Agency, Tehran – Iran.


2017: Selected as Iran's Documentary Photographer of the Year in, Iran's Press Photographer of the Year Award. Tehran – Iran.


2017: 1st prize of Sorkhab photo festival Tabriz – Iran.


2017: Special award in the news photography of 3rd photojournalism, press media festival of East Azerbaijan province, Iran.


2017: 1st prize in single photo category in Cultural and Art Festival of revival of the Oroumieh Lake.


2017: 2nd prize in Photo story category in Cultural and Art Festival of revival of the Oroumieh Lake.


2016: Selected for exhibition in the fifth edition of the LUMIX Festival for young photojournalism – Hannover – Germany.


2016: 1st prize of UNESCO's photo competition "Show us the Afghanistan you are proud of."


2015: 2014, 2nd place, Category C, Nikon photo contest.


2015: Honorable mention of the first national photography festival of "Bahar Narenj city" Sari, Mazandaran province, Iran.


2014: Honorable mention in "sports feature" category of Iran's first biennial sports photography contest, Tehran, Iran.


2013: Honor Diploma of special section of Salam cinema photo contest in the 11th Image of the year, Tehran, Iran.


2013: The 1st prize of Etiyad or drug addiction photo contest, East Azerbaijan province, Iran.


2012: The 1st prize of the 6th seasonal festival of press and news agencies of the country Tehran, Iran.


2008: Honorable mention in two section of the national documentary and photojournalism photo contest of Fajr-e-Mahshahr, Khuzestan province, Iran.


2008: The 2st prize of photojournalism, press media festival of East Azerbaijan province, Iran.


2007: the 1st prize of Pedar or father photo contest of East Azerbaijan province, Iran.