Black Misery


Ali Hamed Haghdoust

Khouzestan 2019. The outburst of the black petroleum from the first petroleum well of Iran and the Middle East occurred 113 years earlier in May 25, 1908 and created a great changes in Iranian and Middle East economy. When petroleum experts entered Iran, the first modern and developed city of Iran was established in Masjed Soleiman or previous Naftoon. Along with that many first developments and tens of recreational and welfare centers was established there. A city that fifty years ago was famous as small Paris and because of facilities there many people came there from different regions of Iran and even India and Pakistan to work there and it became the city with most Migrants in Iran.

Masjed Soleiman is the third petrochemical hub of the country after Asalouieh and Mahshar, but after 113 years from registration of the first petroleum well of the Middle East there, the black petroleum never had any profit for the local people. Among 560 petroleum wells in Masjed Soleiman, only 40 of them are used. Because of ignoring other industrial fields because of concentrating on crude oil, we witness the lack of industry and different factories and the wave of unemployment there. Although this city has big underground gas resources, but most part of the city lack gas piping. The smell of poisonous gases from the ground makes breathing hard. This city that once upon a time in 67 filed was the pioneer in modern life in Iran, now is considered as less developed and deprived areas. After many years of extracting its reserves now is in this difficult condition. Most analysts believe that the life of people in Masjed Soleiman, is the story of people that the black petroleum never made life better for them. It is the final of a city that relying on single-based economy i.e. petroleum was successful to create different jobs, social changes and modern identity. But by decline of main resources of the economy, i.e. petroleum, lost its prosperous life.