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The End of a lake


Iran, East and West Azerbaijan provinces, 2007 until 2013: Oroumieh is a name of lake that is in Northwest of Iran and in Azerbaijan area. This lake is the biggest lake in Iran inland, the twentieth world lake as an extent and also second saltwater in the world but as a few years is in the danger of completely drying and over the past 13 years it has been reduced 6 meter in level. due to reducing of water height of Oroumieh lake, five islands from nine islands has been attached to land and also continuing of life and regeneration of some birds like Pelicans and Flamingoes are in danger As number of birds that emigrate to the Oroumieh national park for overwintering has been reduced dramatically. Allocation of 90 percent of area water resources to the agriculture, high evaporation due to global warming and illegal withdrawals from grand water because of well drilling are the reasons of drying this lake. experts say that slow death of Oroumieh lake, is not a drying of a property less lake, but it will cause a ecosystem situation be in danger and dismissed of total agriculture and economic resources, dismissing of one of the biggest Biosphere, and also the less of a few thousand years old heritage and destroying of one of the unique tourist attractions in Iran and the world. Providing to drying this lake, the moderate weather odd area will change to the tropical weather with salt winds. The topic of salt storm due to dehydration from past years has been cautioned by experts of environmental domain. With drying of Oroumieh lake, next few years this lake will change to 8 million tones salt marsh and with wind, gust and salt storm from seabed with transferring particles because of drying this lake in addition to effecting to fertility of agricultural lands, all tries will dry and scope of this storm in addition to East Azerbaijan and Zanjan it will reach to the western border of Tehran and also it will effect on the respiratory system in negative form.