The Stable Cypresses


Ali Hamed Haghdoust

Kalaleh, Maraveh Tapeh, northeast of Golestan province, Nnorth of Iran  near the border  between Iran and Turkmenistan - 2018. Unemployment, economical problems and poverty in the main region of "Turkmens" of the country, where there is no single factory for the employment of the inhabitants have become the source of a lot of bitter facts of Life for the inhabitants of "Maraveh Tape" town and its surrounding, deprived villages.These villages are located on the outskirts of Atrak river close to the borders of "Turkmenistan" in "Golestan" Provience and Southeast of Caspian Sea in the North of Iran. But the above reasons are regarded as a small number of the many problems of this area. With unemployment, poverty and deprivation, people are faced with a lot of difficulties and challenges.

Young people fall in love in very young ages and since getting married is so easy and they need to pay only 700 to 900 Dollars as dowry, they get married and start a family without considering the many upcoming problems in the future and even if they don't have a suitable job or enough income. A lot of men become addicted to drugs and start to stay at home. Some abandon their families and migrate to Tehran or big cities to find a job. A life that had started with a lot of hope undesirably ends in divorce as times goes on.

The widows, women who are the head of their family and also those whose husbands are unemployed, young or old, are forced to work on farms or rug making and drapery workshops. They have to work with really low wages since the rugs or clothes are not sold. The agony and pain of this group of women is highly great. There are no equal rights between men and women in this region. Thus agony is visible on their wrinkled faces as if the storm of early old age has doomed their life to destruction. Kind women and mothers whose stature, have fallen under the burden of the adversities of live in thatched houses of this village.